Staff Bios


Jim McElwee

Title: President and CEO

Self Description : Loyal, dedicated father and family man, fun loving and adventurous.

Most Adventurous Activity: Extreme dune buggying, quad riding and boating constitute my most adventurous activities, but each day I wake up there is always an adventure ahead of me.

Personal Motto: “Be who you are and do what you say”

Favorite Leisure activities: Favorite leisure activities going on walks with my wife relaxing in the sun at the river.

Person Most Admired & Why: I have lots of role models however the person I admired most was my dad for instilling in me my work ethic and sound principals to live by.

Personality trait most important professionally: Most important personality traits to me, professionally are honesty, integrity and punctuality.

Best Part of Work: Best part of work is seeing a job through to completion and witnessing the pride in my employees for a job well done.

Years in the Industry: Started my first business, JNT Cleaning specialist in June 1971, founded McKowski’s Maintenance Systems, Inc. together with my partner and best friend Gary Olkowski in June 1979. I have 36 years in the industry.

McKowski's Maintenance Systems Commercial Cleaning Services in San Diego

Paulina Zamora

Title: CFO

Self Description: Dedicated, friendly, hard worker.

Most Adventurous Activity: Skydiving.

Personal Motto: Always try something new.

Favorite Leisure activities: Watching movies, listening to music, and reading.

Person Most Admired & Why: All the women in my family, I admire their strength, wisdom and their ability to handle any obstacle.

Personality trait most important professionally: Honesty and professionalism.

Best Part of Work: Assisting our customers to the best of my ability.

Joe Rundle

Title: Maintenance Supervisor

Self Description: Dedicated, loyal, caring and somewhat meticulous.

Most Adventurous Activity: Snorkel/Jet ski

Personal Motto: Faith without works is dead!

Favorite Leisure activities: Golfing

Person Most Admired & Why: Kim Rundle because of her unselfish dedication to helping the animals at her shelter in Sun City that she now owns and operates. Where she came from and where she is now is truly an accomplishment to be admired.

Personality trait most important professionally: Upbeat and personable while maintaining a level of professionalism that represents McKowski’s in a positive light.

Best Part of Work: I feel the best part of work is the personal satisfaction I get from a job well done by my crew and myself.

McKowski's Maintenance Systems Commercial Cleaning Services in San Diego

Marisol Vazquez

Title: Day Porter Manager

Self Description: Dedicated, loyal, hard-working, friendly, mother and wife.

Most Adventurous Activity: Traveling with my family.

Personal Motto: Do not try to be the best in the team, try to make your team the best.

Favorite Leisure activities: Watching movies with my family, reading and sewing.

Person Most Admired & Why: My parents, for everything they have given me starting with this great gift of life, thanks to them I am here.

Personality trait most important professionally: Honesty and professionalism.

Best Part of Work: The best part is being able to help our customers with the cleaning of the properties.


Richard Zamora

Title: Landscape & Irrigation Manager

Self Description: Disciplined, hard working.

Personal Motto: Play hard, work hard

Favorite Leisure activities: Listening to music, hanging out with the family.

Personality trait most important professionally: Honesty and hard work.

Best Part of Work: Making landscapes beautiful for people and organizations.


David Serna

Title: Internet Marketing Coordinator

Self Description: Passionate, loving and caring professional, father and husband.

Most Adventurous Activity: Motorcycle and 4×4 off-road.

Personal Motto: Well done is better than well said.

Favorite Leisure activities: Family Camping.

Person Most Admired & Why: My father because of his generosity to others.

Personality trait most important professionally: Passionate about what I do.

Best Part of Work: Getting positive results.