Staff Bios

Paulina Zamora

Title: CEO

Self Description: Dedicated, friendly, hard worker.

Most Adventurous Activity: Skydiving.

Personal Motto: Always try something new.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Watching movies, listening to music, and reading.

Person Most Admired & Why: All the women in my family, I admire their strength, wisdom and their ability to handle any obstacle.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: Honesty and professionalism.

Best Part of Work: Assisting our customers to the best of my ability.

Joseph Rundle

Title: Director of Operations San Diego

Self Description: Dedicated, loyal, caring and somewhat meticulous.

Most Adventurous Activity: Snorkel/Jet ski

Personal Motto: Faith without works is dead!

Favorite Leisure Activities: Golfing

Person Most Admired & Why: Kim Rundle because of her unselfish dedication to helping the animals at her shelter in Sun City that she now owns and operates. Where she came from and where she is now is truly an accomplishment to be admired.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: Upbeat and personable while maintaining a level of professionalism that represents McKowski’s in a positive light.

Best Part of Work: I feel the best part of work is the personal satisfaction I get from a job well done by my crew and myself.

Richard Zamora

Title: Landscape & Building Maintenance Manager San Diego.

Self Description: Disciplined, hard working.

Personal Motto: Play hard, work hard

Favorite Leisure Activities: Listening to music, hanging out with the family.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: Honesty and hard work.

Best Part of Work: Making landscapes beautiful for people and organizations.

Salvador Mendoza

Title: Director of Operations Los Angeles.

Self Description: Hard worker, Self-motivated & quick learner but always a Family Man First.

Most Adventurous Activity: I still haven’t completed it yet but up to now I will say climbing several Mayan pyramids throughout Central America and Mexico!

Personal Motto: Lead by Example & the Team will follow.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Family vacation trips especially the outdoor Nature ones.

Person Most Admired & Why: My Mother and Father for leaving their Home and Family back in their native Country to provide a better opportunity for us all here in America.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: Don’t over promise and under deliver. Do what you said you would do.

Best Part of Work: Providing my Company & Team  100% of my best every day.

Years in the Industry: 18 years of experience  in the Construction & Maintenance Industry But have spent the last 8 Years focused on  Facilities Maintenance & Engineering Services.

Gloria Anguiano

Title: Executive Assistant

Self Description: Witty, responsible, hardworking, loyal, mother and wife

Personal Motto: Don’t apologize for living as you, just live a life where you’re the best you

Favorite Leisure Activities: Hiking/nature walks, movies, eating, family leisure time

Person Most Admired & Why: Erica Allen (twin sister). Besides being herself, she overcomes daily challenges that many of us wouldn’t be able to endure.
She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at age 7 and then with Lupus at age 30 and still that has not stopped her from being a great mom, wife, and medical assistant.
Her daily pain is set aside, and she strives to be the best version of herself. She’s funny, sarcastic, pretty, and a best friend to many including myself.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: Willingness to learn, honesty, and professionalism

Best Part of Work: Being able to learn daily and feel like an important part of a team

Daniela Lozano

Title: Customer Service.

Self-Description: Hard working, loyal, responsible, fun, and focused.

Personal Motto: Don’t ever give up and If you can do one thing, hone it to perfection.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Watching movies with my cats, drawing, and nature walks.

Person Most Admired & Why: I look up to my both my parents who have taught me to work hard and that I can overcome any challenge, but I most admire my mom. Diagnosed with MS more than 9 years ago and she is still standing strong and working hard for what she wants, she is my true inspiration to not let anything bring me down.

Personality Trait Most Important Professionally: I’m hard working and focused on the task given to me.

Best Part of Work: The best part of work is having such an amazing team that feels like a second family and providing great service to those who trust in us.

Offered Contracts

Building Maintenance Contracts
Commercial Night cleaning
General Construction Bids
Landscape Maintenance Contracts
Lighting Maintenance Contracts
Porter Service
Facilities & Maintenance Engineering – LA County


To ensure that our clients receive smooth and efficient service, McKowski’s is continuously monitoring and inspecting your facility. A supervisor will visit your property to oversee performance. This practice has made McKowski’s an excellent and long-term choice for our clients


What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend McKowskis! Highly Professional, Customer Orientated, Superior Quality Work We are a non-profit organization and needed our railing checked. Joe came out to give an estimate and went above and beyond to save us money while ensuring safety. His team did the repairs, completed early and the clean-up was fantastic! Really glad we found A Go To when needing work done.
Robert Cook
Robert Cook
I’m working for this company Very good place to work
armando cano
armando cano
Great staff, very nice ownership.
Steven Cook
Steven Cook
We needed to have some water damage repair done on our front deck here in Eastlake, Chula Vista. When McKowski's Project Manager was contacted - he was responsive and very professional, the repair was assigned and performed by two technicians who were very knowledgeable and did an amazing job as well as completed repairs ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend McKowski's and request their services again!
Rick Hampton
Rick Hampton