Our years of experience in construction can guarantee our work will be completed in a professional and timely manner. If you are looking to repair or replace your current fence we are happy to provide a bid. A great way to save would be to prevent damage by replacing rot in sections, priming and painting to minimize weather damage, and replacing loose posts and boards.

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Fences are constantly exposed to the elements and replacement is costly. The best way to increase the life of your fence is annual preventative maintenance.

Wood fences can be painted, stained, or water sealed to keep them protected and looking new. Keep the soil or mulch from touching the bottom of the pickets. Rotted or termite-infested posts and pickets should be replaced and not re-enforced as wood fungus and termites will spread and infect adjoining good wood members.

Metal fences should be cleaned, prepped, and painted annually to prevent rust. Once rust gets out of hand it’s too late and the metal will need to be replaced so better to be proactive and take care of your investment.

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To ensure that our clients receive smooth and efficient service, McKowski’s is continuously monitoring and inspecting your facility. A supervisor will visit your property to oversee performance. This practice has made McKowski’s an excellent and long-term choice for our clients


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