published on Nov 21, 2015

3 Great Tips To Keep Your Property in Good Condition This Winter

Property Maintenance in San Diego

Winter is almost here, and as we already know, every season challenges homeowners in a different way, and winter is not the exception.

That’s the reason why we’ve come up with 3 great tips to keep your property out of trouble in the cold months to come:

  • Drain down your property’s water system

One of the first things we do whenever a property is going to be left empty for a significant period of time is to turn off the water system to prevent water leaks or any other kind of malfunctions that may happen during this time, but oftentimes, turning off the water system  is not enough, as there’s normally still a lot of water left that could cause damage.

The best thing to do in this situation is to contact your property maintenance provider to drain down the water system to help eliminate the risk of suffering any damage in it while your property is empty.

  • Leave the heater on

During winter months we get freezing temperatures, especially in the highest parts of San Diego County. These temperatures can cause many problems to pipes even if the property is occupied.

What you must do is always leave the heating on low, even if the property is empty, just to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

  • Unblock your drains

One of the most common things every property suffers during winter is from clogged drains. We must remember that prior to Winter season we have Fall, and with all the winds and dry weather there can be a lot of debris accumulated inside your drains, even if they seem just OK from the outside, and then when winter comes with its rain the real problem comes up.

Before winter is at your door you must have your maintenance provider check that your drains are not blocked, and in case they are, they must be unclogged to prevent future damage to your property.

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