published on Feb 19, 2017

3 Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Landscaper For Your Project

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As a business owner, it can be complicated to find a landscape designer that meets all the requirements and qualifications to work on your business landscape design or to keep it well maintained on regular basis.

Some landscaping companies don’t have the right licensing, insurance, certifications or affiliations to operate and offer you the professional services your company needs.

So, in order to help you with this decision, we’ve come up with a list of 3 helpful tips to choose a professional landscaper, to ensure you get the best results:

1.Check that their licensing and insurance policies are up-to-date

Make sure that the company you decide to hire has proper licensing and insurance. Without adequate workmen’s compensation, you could be held liable in case someone gets injured while working on your project.

If the Landscape Contractor you’re planning to hire does not comply with these basic policies, it’s better that you look for another company that does, otherwise, you could be held responsible for hospital costs and more accident-related expenses.

2.Check the company’s project portfolio

When it comes to landscape design, experience is extremely important. Any professional landscape contractor should be able to demonstrate their experience in the field by showing you proof of completed projects.

Before hiring the company, you should compare their previous projects and evaluate if the work they have done is good enough to cover the specific needs and requirements of your project.

Look for projects that you like in their portfolio, and if possible, visit the location to see for yourself the results of the work. 

3.Check if the company provides full-service landscaping

Depending on the work you need, you will have to decide between a full-service landscaper or just a landscape maintenance company. Some companies are experts in lawn maintenance but don’t have the resources to implement a landscape design from scratch.

Whatever your case is, our suggestion is to go for full-service landscaping in San Diego. Oftentimes, a full-service landscape design company can offer you a better price, excellent quality, and great service, three things you absolutely want get from your contractor.

One of the advantages of hiring a full-service landscaper is that they will always have the resources to offer you landscape maintenance, irrigation repair and replacement, and more services after your project has been completed.

If you’re looking for high-quality landscaping services in San Diego, give us a call. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we can help you enhance and improve your company’s landscape.