published on Feb 21, 2019

3 Important Practices to Clean & Maintain Natural Stone Floors

Floor Cleaning in San Diego

One thing that most people don’t have in mind is that every type of flooring requires a different type of maintenance and a customized pre-programmed cleaning to ensure its utility for many years.

In the case of natural stone floors, the maintenance routine is somewhat different than that of traditional floors such as ceramic, as some of the products used to clean ceramic tiles can stain or damage the stone.

There are a couple of practices every professional floor cleaner needs to follow to ensure your natural stone floors are kept from suffering any damage. Here are some of the most important practices used to clean and maintain natural stone floors:

1. Vacuum and mop

In order to keep dust and dirt from damaging or scratching the surface of your natural stone floors, they should be vacuumed and mopped frequently with acid and bleach-free neutral cleaners as this removes any abrasive agents from the surface.

2. Use special cleaners

There are special cleaners to clean natural stone floors that contain no acids that will not affect any sealers or wax coatings applied previously to the surface. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, our professional and experienced janitors only use special cleaners to give proper maintenance to each type of flooring, including natural stone floors.

3. Apply a wax finish

Once the floors are completely dust-free and clean, you can periodically spray a wax-type coating to enhance the look and make your floors look polished. This coating can be reapplied as often as needed, depending on the foot traffic your business gets, and can be scheduled in your customized janitorial maintenance contract.

These are three of the most basic but really important natural stone cleaning practices that our janitors can perform for your business. So, remember that if you need professional floor cleaning & carpet care, give us a call and tell us about your needs. We’ll be very happy to assist you and provide you with the best janitorial maintenance services in San Diego.