published on Jan 22, 2015

5 Amazing Benefits of Artificial Turf

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We all love nature and enjoy the visual appeal and relaxation that a green garden provides to our eyes and mind, but if you have ever tried growing natural grass, you know that it requires a lot more than just some seeds, soil, water and sun, and that without considering the increase on your water bill and many other things you need to buy and do in order to keep it growing healthy.

For all of us who enjoy the green gardens but don’t want to go through the hassle of what having a natural lawn represents, there is an excellent alternative: Artificial Turf.

At Mckowski’s, we install artificial grass of the highest quality that will provide you with many benefits to cover all your landscaping needs, so here are 10 of those benefits:

1. Realistic look & feel

At Mckowski’s we make sure to use the most realistic synthetic turf in the market. With our high-quality turf, no one will even notice your lawn is artificial, either by looking it or touching it!

2. Durability

Artificial turf can withstand extreme weather conditions without showing any signs of damage or deterioration and it is excellent for areas in which the environment doesn’t provide the right elements for natural grass to grow.

3. Low maintenance

Synthetic grass works amazing for homeowners with a tight agenda as it requires minimum maintenance. To clean it you only need a vacuum.

4. Saves money

Artificial turf does not need to be watered in any way, so the savings on your next water bill will be huge!

5. It’s always ready to be used

Whether it’s a warm summer day by the pool or a cold winter night by your outside fireplace, the artificial turf is always ready for action. It doesn’t heat up with warm weather and it doesn’t create puddles when it rains. Your artificial grass will always be ready for whenever you want to use it!

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we can help you save money on your residential or commercial landscapes by installing artificial turf and/or native and drought tolerant plant species to enhance the look of your landscape. Give us a call and request a proposal!