published on Mar 02, 2017

5 Best Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Business Landscape

Landscaping Services in San Diego

Landscaping is important for all businesses for many reasons, but with the ever changing weather we have in Southern California, it is necessary to plan all landscaping projects considering the particularities of the land and weather of the region.

San Diego County, having a semi-arid climate with infrequent rains and sunny days almost all year long, has become the perfect place for xeriscape gardens and businesses should take advantage of that.

Xeriscaping is the implementation of landscape that reduces the amount of water used in irrigation to keep plants alive. A couple of years before, it was very common for all businesses to have a green lawn in their business landscape, however, nowadays, due to climate change and recent droughts, it has become very difficult to maintain them because they have become too costly and harmful to the environment as they require a huge amount of water, that’s why Xeriscaping has become the best option to enhance the surroundings of your businesses without spending too much on your utility bill.

Here are 5 drought tolerant plants that are commonly used in Xeriscape:

1. Verbena

This is an excellent plant that spreads very rapidly and requires very little water to survive. It also survives well in full sun exposure and the flowers bloom in a wide variety of colors.

2. Sage

This is a perennial plant famous for being drought-resistant and also for its nice aroma. It likes full sun exposure, sandy soil and doesn’t enjoy being over watered.

3. Lavender

Lavender is a very popular herb due to its beautiful purple flowers and its unmistakable aroma. It is good for decoration, for landscapes and to use in food and drinks. It is drought-tolerant, and easily grown as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

4. Agave

Agave is native to arid regions of Mexico. This is an interesting plant that to be able to survive in dry regions, stores water in their thick leaves to survive all through dry season. There are 200 known varieties of agave and landscapers love them due to their varied and interesting shapes, foliage and easy maintenance.

5. Bougainvillea

This is a shrub that grows big and fast, it can survive extreme weather conditions. Weather it’s extreme cold or extreme heat, this plant will find a way to stay alive and get the nutrients it needs to survive. This one is also a favorite among landscapers, business and home owners due to lively colors of their flowers.

Just as the plants mentioned above, there are many others that are incredibly tolerant to extreme weather conditions and that work perfect to enhance your business.

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