published on Sep 26, 2023

Are your Associations/Businesses storm water components ready for Fall?

Sump pumps and drains are essential stormwater draining components for your associations and businesses. These are ideal in locations where the land grade is not suitable for creating positive drainage leading away from the building as they will be able to keep the area dry despite the lack of positive drainage.

The Sump Pump is designed to measure the water level in a given area and once this measurement reaches a certain point, a lever on the pump is tripped, turning the pump on. The pump will then move the water away from the area using a built-in discharge line. While sump pumps are more important in rainier areas, they are still a necessary and vital part of your building drain systems.

They should be tested and serviced along with your roof, common and parking garage floor drains at least 2xs a year. Normally before and after the rainy seasons. Please contact us for more information or a quote for this service.