published on Mar 15, 2020

Best Hardscape Services in San Diego, California

Mckowski's Maintenance Systems

There are two main elements of landscapes that make them one of the most appreciated spaces in a property: softscapes and hardscapes, and they’re the complete opposite of each other.

Softscape is that what makes your landscape green, all the plants, perennial flowers, trees, grass, shrubs, and succulents, basically, anything living is part of the softscape.

The hardscape includes the non-living elements in your landscape such as, concrete pathways, water features, bricks, retaining walls, stone applications, etc.

Usually, most well-designed landscapes incorporate softscape and hardscape in order to make the space fully functional. An overly hardscaped landscape will look like a factory, an overly softscaped property will look like a jungle, the trick is to have a well-balanced landscape between the two, and for that, only professionals with great experience in landscaping can do it.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have been providing professional hardscape services in San Diego for commercial and residential clients for over 30 years, along with other services such as:

-Landscaping maintenance

-Landscape installation


-Irrigation design

-Synthetic Lawns

-Landscape development and planning

-Landscape consulting services and more.

Our landscaping services are focused on enhancing your property’s curb appeal in order to make a great first impression on your clients or visitors. We have licensed Landscape Contractors, C27724136 and certified landscape irrigation auditors, so if you’re looking for the best landscaping services in San Diego, we are the ones to call.

On top of great landscaping services, we offer free consultations to discuss how we can save you money on installation and ongoing maintenance.

Contact us at (619) 831-6707 and tell us about your landscaping project!