published on Sep 30, 2022

Fall is here, is your home and property ready for the weather changes?

Here are some suggestions McKowski’s Maintenance Systems can do to help you prepare for the change in season.

Clean out your rain gutters, then wash residual debris out of your gutters to insure proper rainwater flow.

Install leaf guards to keep your gutters clean and the rainwater flowing unobstructed.

Inspect and seal your doors and windows as needed to help insulate your home.

Make sure your weather strips and door skirts are intact. Replace damaged ones to keep the cold air out and your utility bill in check.

Apply foam sealant around pipes, electrical conduits, and AC lines, that enter your exterior walls.

If your home is stucco, check, and make sure your weep screeds at the base of your stucco walls are not rusted out. McKowski’s can provide a bid to replace weep screeds, water barriers, and stucco.

Rusted-out weep screeds are a gateway for rodents and bugs to enter your home and nest in your warm walls for the upcoming weather changes.

Grass and vines can also grow up and into your walls, destroying your water barrier/ building paper and making your home vulnerable to water intrusion.

Check your surface drains on your hardscape you make sure the beautiful leaves of fall have not covered them, causing water build-up and possible flooding.

In your landscape, inspect your drain grates, and drain caps, for debris blocking the flow of water, or for broken grates, and caps allowing debris to clog your drainage, resulting in flooding.