published on Oct 22, 2015

Give Your Carpet a Long Life, and Save Money At The Same Time!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in San Diego

Carpets are an essential element to many businesses. They allow you to provide warmth, coziness and trust to your customers by making them feel like they’re at home, plus, it’s an excellent way to create an interior design that reflects your company’s culture and to use color psychology to provoke a good environment for your customers.

Nowadays, many business owners choose carpets because of its many benefits, for example, carpets absorb sound, so with a carpet you hear less noise in your work environment allowing your employees to be more productive and your customers to be calmer. Also, they provide a good cushion to minimize the risk of getting hurt in case of someone falling.

But not everything is a bed of roses with carpets, as due to heavy foot traffic carpets can get dirty in the a blink of an eye, and although you could ask your customers to take off their shoes in order to contribute to your carpet’s life, we’re sure not everyone would appreciate the gesture, and at the same time, they will not appreciate your business either if your carpet looks like it’s been run over by a semi-truck, that’s why taking good care of your carpet is really important if you want to keep customers knocking at your door.

Some years ago the solution to an awfully maintained carpet was just to simply change it, but this resulted in increased business expenses and lots of lost customers during the process of installation, but fortunately now you don’t have to go through this problem, as extending the life of your carpet now has a better solution ( and less expensive too).

Depending on the type of carpet you have on your business there are different methods to keep your carpet looking amazing at all times, regardless of the heavy foot traffic or how many semi-trucks pass over your carpet, for example:

Deep Extraction Cleaning

This method is the most popular and effective methods for almost all types of carpets and it is commonly known as “steam cleaning”.

Through this method the carpet gets cleaned by forcing the dirt and stains out through a fine spray of hot or warm water and immediately sucked up by a vacuum.

Bonnet Cleaning

This cleaning method consists on using a rotating brush to clean the surface of the carpet. It is commonly known as “dry cleaning” although shampoo and small amounts of water are used. This is an excellent method to use on tough and resistant carpets.

Host Dry Carpet-Cleaning

The host dry-carpet cleaning is an environmentally responsible method that works like an ordinary kitchen sponge. The HOST sponges contain the liquids your carpet needs to dissolve and absorb water and oil based dirt on your carpet. The sponges get moistened by water and environmentally friendly ingredients that will leave your carpet looking amazing, and the best of all, when we’re done cleaning the carpet is dry and ready to be used!

Keeping your carpet & floors clean at all times is an important aspect to consider when running a business. A clean (or dirty) carpet says a lot about your business and fundamental when you want to make a good impression on your customers, regardless if it’s their first time visiting your business or they’ve been you loyal customers for a while.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we can help you expand the life of your carpet by providing the best carpet maintenance methods in the market to suit your needs. We are experts in carpet care and always take the time to implement new techniques in order to stay a leader in the industry. Give us a call and request your proposal!