published on Sep 27, 2023

HVAC and Cooling Tower Service

Mckowski’s now offers HVAC and Cooling Tower services in Los Angeles County.

It is important to do Pro-Active maintenance on your Building HVAC units and Cooling Tower components.

HVAC units for your residential and commercial use require quarterly inspections and annual service to keep them working properly and efficiently. The replacement of air filters, cleaning of coils, cleaning/testing of condensation lines, inspection/testing of thermostats and checking levels of freon are just some of the standard services recommended to properly maintain your units and extend the life of your HVAC components.

Cooling Towers are large consumers of water and as such are potentially one of the areas where the most savings are possible by completing Pro-Active maintenance. The proper maintenance will help fine tune and increase the systems efficiency and over all performance. Cooling towers require weekly inspections and Annual services to help prolong the life of all this important equipment.

Our qualified and trained technicians will be able to service and help you keep all of these important Components running and working properly.

Please contact us for a quote or more information.