published on Sep 03, 2016

Learn The 3 Benefits of Xeriscaping (Besides Water Conservation)

Xeriscaping | Water Conservation in San Diego, CA

Although many are not familiar with the concept, most people are aware of how a Xeriscape landscape looks like.

The main objective of this landscaping technique is water conservation through proper planning of soil preparation, planting, and healthy irrigation practices, but is water conservation the only benefit?

Check out these 3 benefits of Xeriscaping, besides from water conservation:

Benefit #1: Beauty

A green lawn may look beautiful and may give you the illusion of being a natural space to spend the time, but the reality is that in a dry place like Southern California a green lawn is everything but natural.

If you instead, choose a blooming desert plant it will not only look beautiful, but we can assure you it will last regardless of the passing seasons and weather conditions, because it is in its natural environment.

Benefit #2: Saves Money

When you plan your company’s landscape according to xeriscape practices, you will save water and as a consequence you will save money, but it doesn’t stop there, as xeriscaping plants and products are less expensive than natural lawn rolls or turf.

Benefit #3: It’s Low Maintenance

One of the most used materials in xeriscaping are granite rocks and native plants. These, are not only water saving, but also require very little maintenance. Native plants only require trimming a few times a year and a basic treatment for weeds in spring time.

Give us a call is you’re looking to start the planning of your xeriscope project. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have the right experts to enhance and maintain your properties curb appeal while meeting the requirements for water conservation compliance regulations.