published on May 28, 2020

Now Serving LA County: Launching Facility & Maintenance Engineering in the LA County

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We are proud to now offer both Facility Maintenance and Engineering services for all your HOA needs in L.A. County!

Whether it’s a mid-rise, High rise or detached condos we will be yours to Go to vendor!

Specializing in the Proactive Maintenance (PM) of all your Buildings important mechanical components such as Cooling towers, Exhaust Fans, Boilers, Sump pumps, CO Fans/ Sensors, and others.

Qualified and experienced Engineers & Technicians who will be able to oversee your Buildings mechanical components, Emergency/fire life safety components, Common area lighting, as well as assisting with any other tasks needed by the client.

Implementation of the Building Maintenance manual and checklists IF applicable.

Contact us for more details and further information.