published on Jul 20, 2021

Power Washing Services

Power washing involves heated water and a more heavy duty version of normal pressure washing. The heated water allows for easier removal of tougher stains. It works for stain removal, graffiti removal, patio and driveway cleaning, trash enclosure cleaning, concrete table cleaning, sidewalk cleaning and many hard and dirty surfaces.

Pressure washing is a bit different, it is more commonly used in smaller areas like decks and for materials like wood, tile, brick, etc. The circulating water in the machine creates pressure powerful enough to clean problem areas.

We would like to announce we offer residential and commercial power washing as well as pressure washing services. Our team is experienced and will do a great job of cleaning tough stains on your home or business, to maintain curbside appeal and retain it’s value.

With all of our services and expertise we can give your building the maintenance it needs. We have more than 40 years of excellence providing a premier level of residential and commercial maintenance and construction services in San Diego and Los Angeles.