published on Jul 14, 2022

Summer is here. Is your HOA ready for the summer activities?

Let McKowski’s help you repair and make ready all your common area facilities and keep your residents safe while they enjoy the summer.

Here are some things to look for to avoid those pesky city violations closing your pool area:

  • Make sure your pool gates open and close properly. Gates must close automatically without assistance.
  • All pool fencing must be intact. No rusted posts, loose or missing pickets, and railings.
  • Some other things to look for are, cracked or lifting concrete sidewalks, and/or damaged pool decks that can be hazardous to bare feet and toes.
  • Are your electrical outlets in safe working order, and do they have a G.F.I.?
  • Do the outlets have a safety cover to protect children?
  • Are the junction boxes for the pool area lighting properly covered?
  • Are your drinking fountains and restroom facilities all in good working order?

Here at McKowski’s we put safety first and are ready to assist you with your safety needs.