published on May 19, 2015

The 7 HOA’s Building Maintenance Obligations You Can’t Neglect

Building Maintenance Services in San Diego

It is not uncommon to find that certain regulations in the Homeowner Associations governing documents are unclear regarding the maintenance obligations in buildings. However, to avoid any kind of legal problems, you need to keep an eye on every detail that needs to be fixed, maintained or rebuild.

The key to good building maintenance depends on anticipating any kind of problems that may come up, in order to preserve the units and protect them for the long run.

Here’s a list of the 7 building maintenance obligations that can’t pass unnoticed:

1. Common areas: As a homeowner you are responsible for all common areas maintenance and repair of areas like parking, plumbing, landscapes, signs, etc.

2. Porches: Newly build porches look great, but they need to be kept well maintained to ensure they keep looking that way. They need special coating to protect them from water, moisture or extreme weather.

3. Door frames: There are many kinds of door frames, and they all require constant maintenance. Houses in California are required to have wooden frames due to high seismic activity, and wooden frame doors need more maintenance than any other kind.

4. Fences: Fences are an important part of home buildings, they create borders making the building secure while adding divisions between neighbors and improving the general look of the building. They can either be made out of wood or metal, both of which require constant maintenance. They both rot overtime due to weather conditions.

5. Exterior walls: Depending on the location of your home building, walls facing the sea or the sunrise are subject to more damaging due to humidity and sunlight exposure.

6. Landscaping: When home buildings have a large garden there’s always a chance of having humidity issues that can affect the framing, specially if the soil is close to the building structure. This forces homeowners to give special maintenance to gardens and to plan the landscape design according to the building location and weather conditions.

7. Roofs: Roofs require constant maintenance, specially before the start of each season. An annual maintenance inspection would be the best way of avoiding damage.

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