published on Oct 30, 2019

The Ugly (and Dirty) Truth About Bathrooms in Commercial Facilities

Janitorial Maintenance Services in San Diego Mckowski's Maintenance Systems
Janitorial Maintenance Services in San Diego Mckowski's Maintenance Systems

Restroom maintenance is one of the most important tasks in the daily schedule of any commercial facility and this doesn’t happen once or twice a day, it is a recurring task all throughout the day.

Keeping the bathrooms clean at your commercial facility is extremely important not only to make them look clean but to disinfect them properly to get rid of harmful bacterias that can be hazardous to everyone in your company.

An unclean restroom damages the image of any business and most of the time it gives the impression of poor management and shows that the company doesn’t care about their customers or employees.

Here are some dirty facts about restrooms and how it can harm your business:

1. Risk of illness

People are more likely to catch an illness in the public bathroom than in their homes. Bacterias such as E. coli are spread all over the bathroom through improper hand washing, making it easy to spread out to other areas of the facility.

2. Catching the flu

The germs responsible for the common cold die rapidly, but there can be situations in which bathrooms are poorly ventilated making it easier for people to be exposed to them and get sick.

3. Decrease in productivity

If your employees get sick the company will suffer a decrease in productivity. It is better to have a professional janitorial team that takes care of cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces properly to remove hazardous bacteria and decreases the risk of illness in the company.

4. Decrease in sales

Having unclean restrooms will affect your business reputation and even if your products or services are the best in town, there will be some who will judge it due to its dirtiness and decide not to choose to do business with you. This can either represent a decrease in sales or the possibility of not exploiting your business full potential.

All of these situations can be avoided with proper janitorial cleaning, so if you’re ready to increase your sales and keep your customers and employees happy, give us a call. We can provide you with customized professional janitorial services for your business.