published on Mar 16, 2021

Tips for a Post-Coronavirus Office Return

If you’re thinking of returning your employees to the workplace, you’ll have to adapt some measures to keep that environment as safe as possible. The new normal will have some permanent changes in the office setting.

These tips will help you keep you and your employees safe. 


Keep it Ventilated 

Coronavirus can linger in the air. Improving the air flow in an office by opening windows, or if that’s not possible in your building, improving the air filtration system would significantly mitigate against those airborne particles. Although it is much better to open windows instead of using air conditioning, we understand that not all offices can do that.

If you’re able to upgrade your HVAC system you can improve airflow and filter out those pesky contaminants. Air purifiers can also do the job with a much lower cost than a whole HVAC upgrade. These options are very useful if your office windows can’t be opened.


Changing Spaces

Since social distancing is one of the basic steps to avoid spreading coronavirus, your office may have to adapt some rooms as new offices. For example, utilizing  your conference room as an office to reduce the number of employees per office space. Another space that could be used as new cubicles is the reception area, since having visitors will have to be reduced to a minimum. We know that for some businesses not having visitors is impossible and even more so if you offer products. Creative solutions with safety in mind will be an important factor when returning to the workplace.


New Cubicles

Some offices have room to separate employees beyond the minimum six feet and some are not so lucky. In these cases installing plexiglass barriers can go a long way in preventing the spread of Coronavirus as well provide a sense of security and well being in the workplace.


New Office Rules

Not only distancing between employees is required but also having new rules on how to safely interact with one another in this new setting will be required.

Some schedule changes can be done to encourage a mixture of in person office and remote office work. This should be an obvious one but having communal activities like meetings should be put on hold or be creative and make them online, just avoid office-wide interactions onsite.

Having hand sanitizer stations strategically placed throughout the office is also helpful as well as signage to remind your employees to wash their hands throughout the day, especially if you can’t avoid sharing documents, products, or any other items in your daily interactions.


Simple tips, maximize your air flow, apply some distance between your employees, adapting other non office spaces as offices, applying barriers like plexiglass and by enforcing new health and safety rules of interaction in the office. All of these tips combined will make your return to the workplace safer for you, your employees and your customers.

Remember we can help you with janitorial services, building maintenance, maintenance engineering, construction and landscaping services while following the safety protocols that will prevent the virus from spreading.