published on Mar 11, 2019

What Are The Benefits of ESD Flooring?

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The use of electronic devices in all industries has grown exponentially over the past decades, and as it does, the concern for safety and protection of data grows as well.

The information of businesses such as banks, hospitals, the military, flight towers, call centers and tech research and development institutes can be seriously compromised by something as simple as static electricity, as computers nowadays are sensitive to very low static discharges, and things such as the friction created by employees walking across the floor can become a dangerous source of static buildup.

Fortunately, ESD flooring can prevent this problem from happening. Here are some of its major benefits.

1. Low maintenance

ESD floors require much less care than regular flooring, and its maintenance is very simple, but requires expert knowledge to prevent damage.

It’s important to provide proper maintenance to electrostatic floors in order to prevent debris and dirt from damaging or reducing the effectiveness of the flooring. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we are leaders in Electro Static Floors and can provide you with professional floor maintenance and restoration to get the best results out of your flooring.

2. Reduces static discharge

ESD flooring reduces electrostatic discharge preventing interference and damage to electronic equipment and keeping all information safe.

3. Durability

Anti static floors are made from very durable materials such as vinyl and rubber so besides being beautiful they are long lasting and can withstand lots of foot traffic.

As you can see, ESD is one of the best options in flooring for many types of businesses. It’s made out of durable materials and requires very little maintenance. For these and many other reasons, ESD flooring is a great investment for your business.

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