Flood Damage Repair

Few things can make a property owner feel more helpless than the risk of an external flood and the potential damage caused. If your home or business is affected by a flood, it’s vitally important that you take quick action to minimize the damage and ensure the property is made safe once again.

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When it comes to flood damage, it’s important to remember that there are numerous potential health hazards. Flood water, often known as Category 3 or “black water,” can contain many contaminants and, as a result, any cleanup is best handled by a professional team. This initial flood damage must also be repaired and restored as quickly as possible in order to minimize the overall damage caused.

Flood Restoration In The Immediate Aftermath

From the moment your property is affected by flood water, you should act swiftly to minimize the potentially lasting effects of this flood damage. Flood restoration is the process of removing the water, decontaminating the property, and making it safe for repairs. There are several steps you can take in the aftermath of a flood to limit the risks:

Before flood waters hit, should you be afforded the time, to try to move any furniture and valuable possessions from the ground? This will reduce the chances of them being irreparably damaged by flood waters.

Due to the number of contaminants in flood water, ensure that everyone leaves the property and seeks safe refuge. Flood water can be hazardous and there’s a high risk of it making you sick.

If it’s safe to do so, try to turn off the electricity and gas. This will limit the risk of gas leaks or electrical charges in the water.

It’s important that all work carried out on a building after a flood is done by professionals who understand the damage that flood water can cause to property and have the tools to carry out full repair and restoration.

Flood Damage Repair

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I highly recommend McKowskis! Highly Professional, Customer Orientated, Superior Quality Work We are a non-profit organization and needed our railing checked. Joe came out to give an estimate and went above and beyond to save us money while ensuring safety. His team did the repairs, completed early and the clean-up was fantastic! Really glad we found A Go To when needing work done.
Robert Cook
Robert Cook
I’m working for this company Very good place to work
armando cano
armando cano
Great staff, very nice ownership.
Steven Cook
Steven Cook
We needed to have some water damage repair done on our front deck here in Eastlake, Chula Vista. When McKowski's Project Manager was contacted - he was responsive and very professional, the repair was assigned and performed by two technicians who were very knowledgeable and did an amazing job as well as completed repairs ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend McKowski's and request their services again!
Rick Hampton
Rick Hampton

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