We have implemented a policy to have employees that feel under the weather to stay home. We are practicing social distancing and consistent hand washing. Employees have been informed to avoid areas with 10 or more people if a 6-foot perimeter is not available. Our janitorial department is continuing to be diligent in cleaning all public areas and is accommodating contracted clients in detailed/ additional disinfecting cleaning requests. We are keeping up with the government's recommendations to make sure we are doing our part to ensure the health of our employees, clients, and accounts. Dismiss notice

published on Jun 09, 2009

Bernardo View Properties

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that we are very pleased with the cleaning service. We have not had any problems in over a year of service. On the contrary, they are very thorough, respectful of our property and do a complete job. Please let them know that we appreciate the job they do and commend their professionalism.


Julia Pearson