We have implemented a policy to have employees that feel under the weather to stay home. We are practicing social distancing and consistent hand washing. Employees have been informed to avoid areas with 10 or more people if a 6-foot perimeter is not available. Our janitorial department is continuing to be diligent in cleaning all public areas and is accommodating contracted clients in detailed/ additional disinfecting cleaning requests. We are keeping up with the government's recommendations to make sure we are doing our part to ensure the health of our employees, clients, and accounts. Dismiss notice

published on Mar 27, 2013

McKowski’s Wins Talk of the Town Award

Mckowski's Maintenance Systems

McKowski’s Maintenance Systems Inc has been Rated Among the Best in Region and Receives the 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award.

Award Recipient:  McKowski’s Maintenance Systems Inc

Star Rating:  5

City:  Poway   State: CA

Category:  Contractors                                                                    

Presented by:  Celebration Media and Talk of the Town News

Congratulations!  Only the very best businesses have been chosen to receive the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award. The award was created more than five years ago to showcase companies that excel in serving their customers and getting their high marks. Based on our research gathered during the past 12 months, McKowski’s Maintenance Systems Inc has earned top honors and now has its very own award page on our website: www.talkofthetownnews.com.    Press releases and other promotional information will be sent to regional and national wire services announcing winners.