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How adopting and encouraging a Maintenance Culture will save you money




Reducing Maintenance costs

The most appraised benefit of preventive maintenance is that taking care of your facility and equipment early often you’ll notice that each year you will have less repair costs. This is because preventive maintenance helps keep your business’s facility and equipment running smoothly. Emergency repair costs can go higher due to many factors: time, scale, materials availability, and more. By providing preventive maintenance you will save money and headaches.


Implement a maintenance schedule

Establishing a schedule will help you visualize the required monthly budget for this tasks.

  • Increase the lifespan of your equipment and facilities.
  • Keep your equipment running optimally so that your business can keep on going without problems
  • Increase efficiency, your customers and staff will appreciate it..
  • Decrease and prevent energy waste.
  • Reduce downtime periods.


Keep away from acting reactive.

We all know things can turn south unexpectedly and not only that, problems can escalate quickly. Implementing planned maintenance can help your business to change from reactive maintenance to a preventative and proactive modus operandi


Importance of proactive building maintenance.

  • Implementing routine maintenance saves money in the long term
  • Repairing something out of an emergency can be costly
  • Scheduled maintenance will help you plan your budget and resources.

Now Serving LA County: Launching Facility & Maintenance Engineering in the LA County

We are proud to now offer both Facility Maintenance and Engineering services for all your HOA needs in L.A. county!

Whether it’s  a mid-rise , High rise or detached condos we will be your to Go to vendor!

Specializing in the Proactive Maintenance (PM) of all your Buildings important mechanical components such as : Cooling towers , exhaust Fans , Boilers , Sump pumps , CO Fans/ Sensors and others.

Qualified and experienced Engineers & Technicians who will be able to oversee your Buildings mechanical components , Emergency/fire life safety components , Common area lighting , as well as assisting with any other tasks needed by the client.

Implementation of the Building Maintenance manual and checklists IF applicable.

Contact us for more details and further information.

5 Tips for Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

cleaning contracts san diego


Professional Training

People can advertise themselves as cleaners but are they professionally trained? The services you want to hire to keep your business clean should be responsible for having properly trained employees. They should have the appropriate knowledge and skills to use the equipment and chemicals.

Just because they have lower prices doesn’t mean they work better, maybe just faster or maybe even won’t do it appropriately.

Experience Required

Always check what businesses have hired them. How long they been providing their services and what their past customers have to say about them. If you hire an experienced cleaning services company you can be sure they will do a good job. If they’re an established business that means their client base trust them and they have knowledgeable employees.

Understanding Your Business

All businesses are different and so their cleaning requirements. A medical center and an office have a lot of differences when comes to cleaning and janitorial needs. Also, the type of building where your business operates is something the cleaning company needs to acknowledge to use the right equipment and tools.

Cleaning Scheduling

Depending on your business, the frequency and times to perform may vary and this is something the cleaning services company you choose must understand and be flexible. Universities and schools usually are cleaned in the afternoon to be ready next morning. If your business is open 24 hours, you may need to choose the quietest time available.

The Right Standard

Safety is first, and hygiene is a big part of safety for a cleaning company. When talking about cleaning standards we might think of a hospital or a dental office where we would think immaculate cleaning standards a priority. But a school also needs to meet certain standards in the janitorial cleaning, their restrooms are used hundreds or thousands of times during a day and they need to make sure no students are infected from dirty wards.

Best Hardscape Services in San Diego, California

Landscaping Services in San Diego | Mckowski's Maintenance SystemsThere are two main elements of landscapes that make them one of the most appreciated spaces in a property: softscapes and hardscapes, and they’re the complete opposite of each other.

Softscape is that what makes your landscape green, all the plants, perennial flowers, trees, grass, shrubs, and succulents, basically, anything living is part of the softscape.

The hardscape includes the non-living elements in your landscape such as, concrete pathways, water features, bricks, retaining walls, stone applications, etc.

Usually, most well-designed landscapes incorporate softscape and hardscape in order to make the space fully functional. An overly hardscaped landscape will look like a factory, an overly softscaped property will look like a jungle, the trick is to have a well-balanced landscape between the two, and for that, only professionals with great experience in landscaping can do it.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have been providing professional hardscape services in San Diego for commercial and residential clients for over 30 years, along with other services such as:

-Landscaping maintenance

-Landscape installation


-Irrigation design

-Synthetic lawns

-Landscape development and planning

-Landscape consulting services and more.

Our landscaping services are focused in enhancing your property’s curb appeal in order to make a great first impression on your clients or visitors. We are licensed Landscape Contractors, C27724136 and certified landscape irrigation auditors, so if you’re looking for the best landscaping services in San Diego, we are the ones to call.

On top of great landscaping services we offer free consultations to discuss how we can save you money on installation and ongoing maintenance.

Contact us at (619) 831-6707 and tell us about your landscaping project!

The Importance of Deck Coatings (and Its Benefits)

Deck Coating Services in San Diego | Mckowski's Maintenance Services

No matter which type of flooring you use on your decks, they all need proper maintenance and care, even when they’re made from concrete.

There are many reasons why coating your outdoor deck is a good idea, but safety and protection are two of the most important.

Deck coatings make your floors safer and protect them from the inclement weather and the damage it can cause. Plus it will improve its appearance and longevity.

As you may already know, one of the key aspects of a successful business is having a dependable and professional building maintenance company that provides all the commercial maintenance services your company needs, including deck coatings. Deck coatings will maintain the appearance of your decks and will keep them looking brand new. Coating your outdoor decks will also protect them from water and heat damage, depending on the coating you chose.

If you have a wood deck, coating it with a waterproof coating will prevent it from having water penetrate it, which otherwise would form cracks and splinters that can damage the deck itself and most importantly, put your employees and customers at risk.

Keeping your employees and customers safe is extremely important and another way of doing it is by coating your decks with an anti-slip coating for your specific type of flooring. This way you make sure that everyone is kept safe when they use your decks.

If you require deck coating services in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your specific requirements. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have been applying deck coatings in San Diego for over 30 years.

3 Benefits of Restroom Floor Restoration and Refinishing

All type of floors add value and beauty to a business, but if they’re not well maintained they can deteriorate over time, especially if your business receives a lot of traffic.

One of the most used areas of a commercial building are the restrooms, and while the type of flooring used in them is specially designed to withstand heavy traffic, it can get severely damaged if it doesn’t get regular maintenance or if it doesn’t get restored on time. But if they do get maintained by a professional, they can last for a long time.

Here are three of the many benefits of professional restroom floor restoration services.

1. Long life

Amateur or DIY restorations cause more damage because the surface is not treated properly.

Getting your commercial restroom floors restored by a professional will ensure your floors are kept in good shape for longer and will prevent future damage.

2. Improved appearance

Restoring the floors of your business restrooms can improve their appearance bringing back its original beauty and give a good impression about your business.

3. Safety

Restoring your restroom floors will minimize the incidence of accidents in that area and will also reduce the chance of someone getting injured by removing damaged parts and restoring them.

The same way, restoring your floors can also reduce the likelihood of your restrooms developing mold that can eventually present a risk to your employees.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have been providing Restroom Floor Restoration services for over 30 years in the San Diego area. All our building maintenance services can be customized to your building’s specific requirements. Give us a call to tell us about your project and as for your estimate.

Why Commercial Window Cleaning Is A Must in Your Building Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Window Cleaning in San Diego | Mckowski's Maintenance SystemsSome of the most common building maintenance tasks are carpet cleaning, painting/drywall repair, basic plumbing, pressure washing and new construction and remodels, but what clients usually miss to add on their building maintenance contracts is window cleaning.

Window cleaning may not seem like a cause for concern or something that you would want to add to your maintenance checklist, but it is highly recommended that you do because it can really become an issue if your windows are left unmaintained for long.

Here are some of the reasons why commercial window cleanings is a must in your building maintenance checklist:

Reason #1

Regular window cleaning will keep your facility windows clear from dust and another type of debris such as spider webs and more.

Reason #2

Regular window cleaning also helps you notice any small damages done to your windows and allows you to prevent problems that could cost you a lot of money in repairs.   

Reason #3

Environmental damages such as hard water stains are also reduced with regular window cleaning that otherwise would be very hard and costly to remove.

Reason #4

Regular window cleaning will keep your commercial building looking at its best and it helps you keep your building clean and looking professional for everyone who visits it.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems we have been providing professional window cleaning services in San Diego for over 30 years, so if you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable company to service your windows give us a call at (619) 831-6707. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate for your next building maintenance or janitorial service project.

3 Reasons Why Commercial Pressure Washing is Important

Pressure Washing in San Diego | Mckowski's Maintenance SystemsThere are many maintenance services you can hire to keep your property in good shape and working at its best, however, pressure washing is a simple service that performed correctly by professionals can make wonders for your property.

Commercial pressure washing can drastically improve the appearance of your building and prevent costly damages down the road.

Here are five of the many reasons why commercial pressure washing is important for your business:

Reason #1: Perfect to save money

Power washing your building’s exterior on a regular basis will prevent dirt buildup. Dirt buildup can either cause or cover the rise of some problems in your building’s infrastructure that can be much more costly to repair than the cost of a professional power washing service.

Regular power washing services can help you save money on the overall costs of your building maintenance services

Reason #2: Enhance your building’s appearance

All businesses have only one opportunity to make a good first impression, so if your building walls look gray instead of their original color and the windows are covered in dust you will more likely lose customers than earn them.  

A regular pressure washing service will allow you to enhance the look of your properties and positively influence potential customers to make business with you.

Reason #3: To prepare for renovation

If you’re planning to renovate any exterior element of your commercial building it’s a good idea to have the facility pressured washed in preparation for the renovation. By doing this, you will make sure the surface is clean and most important, you will make sure you remove old layers of previous products that can cause problems with the new additions.

Pressure washing looks like a simple maintenance task but it requires knowledge and expertise. At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we have been providing power washing services in San Diego for over 35 years. Give us a call to learn more about the wide variety of commercial building services we have available.

The Ugly (and Dirty) Truth About Bathrooms in Commercial Facilities


Janitorial Maintenance Services in San Diego | Mckowski's Maintenance SystemsRestroom maintenance is one of the most important tasks in the daily schedule of any commercial facility and this doesn’t happen once or twice a day, it is a recurring task all throughout the day.

Keeping the bathrooms clean at your commercial facility is extremely important not only to make them look clean but to disinfect them properly to get rid of harmful bacterias that can be hazardous to everyone in your company.

An unclean restroom damages the image of any business and most of the time it gives the impression of poor management and shows that the company doesn’t care about their customers or employees.

Here are some dirty facts about restrooms and how it can harm your business:

1. Risk of illness

People are more likely to catch an illness in the public bathroom than in their homes. Bacterias such as E. coli are spread all over the bathroom through improper hand washing, making it easy to spread out to other areas of the facility.

2. Catching the flu

The germs responsible for the common cold die rapidly, but there can be situations in which bathrooms are poorly ventilated making it easier for people to be exposed to them and get sick.

3. Decrease in productivity

If your employees get sick the company will suffer a decrease in productivity. It is better to have a professional janitorial team that takes care of cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces properly to remove hazardous bacteria and decreases the risk of illness in the company.

4. Decrease in sales

Having unclean restrooms will affect your business reputation and even if your products or services are the best in town, there will be some who will judge it due to its dirtiness and decide not to choose to do business with you. This can either represent a decrease in sales or the possibility of not exploiting your business full potential.

All of these situations can be avoided with proper janitorial cleaning, so if you’re ready to increase your sales and keep your customers and employees happy, give us a call. We can provide you with customized professional janitorial services for your business.

How to Get Your Commercial Building Ready For Winter

Building Maintenance | Mckowski's Maintenance SystemsGetting your commercial property ready for Winter may seem difficult. Oftentimes it may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start, this is normal because getting your property ready for the cooler seasons involves carrying out many tasks of different nature.

At Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems, we care about your commercial facility maintenance, that’s why we’ve created this list to guide you through the process of getting your commercial building in shape for the new season.

1. Get your landscape serviced

Whether you have a lawn or you opted for a xeriscape landscape, all types of landscaping require regular maintenance, however, during winter months, you definitely need it more frequently than during other seasons.

Maintaining your landscape will help you enhance and improve your property, save water and make it more efficient.

2. Carry out a roof inspection

Getting your roofs inspected by a professional will help address any small issue before it becomes big and may prevent a major (and more costly) repair in the future.

3. Wash your windows

After spring and summer months, windows tend to gather a lot of dust and debris, this is not only aesthetically unpleasing and leaves a bad impression on your customers, but it also prevents you to notice any issue with the windows that require being taken care of.

4. Inspect your Gutters & Downspouts

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters and downspouts is key to prevent any problems with the foundation of your property because when your gutters clog and fill with water the boards start to deteriorate and rot, causing you to spend a lot more on fixes.

This may seem like a long list to take care of but a maintenance company such as Mckowski’s Maintenance Systems who provides professional building maintenance services in San Diego, CA., will be able to offer you complete building maintenance solutions for your business no matter its size. Give us a call and request your proposal today.