published on Jun 06, 2023

Beam Replacement

The Challenge

McKowski’s was tasked with replacing the lower roofline support beams over two patios and entryways due to dry rot damage.

We built a truss to support the roofline while we removed the beams.
Upon removal of the beams, it was discovered the pillars had no support posts or framing inside the stucco shell.

The post and framing had rotted away completely due to years of water intrusion, and the stucco shell was supporting the beams that support the roof.

The divider wall between entry doors, the center light pillar, and the patio walls where they connected to the pillars also had some rotten framing.

Our Solution

McKowski’s completely demoed the two pillars and installed new support post and brackets and then install new beams.

The light pillar, divider wall, and the ends of the patio walls were reframed as needed and the stucco repaired and painted.

We reframed the address pillars, and replaced the water barrier, wire, and stucco.

To prevent a recurrence of the same issue, McKowski’s added to the top of the pillars, divider wall, and the light pillar, edge flashing and galvanized top caps.

As a result, we have been asked to inspect and provide a proposal for all the pillars throughout the property.


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