published on Jul 05, 2024

HOA Entry Staircase & Walkway Repair in Mira Mesa, CA

The Problem

An HOA in Mira Mesa had a resident complain that her entry staircase and walkway were neglected and looked terrible.

The Solution

McKowski’s Maintenance Systems were contracted to refurbish the lattice, wood railing, metal railing, steps, and deck floor.

All the wood was scraped, sanded, primed, and painted. The metal stringers and metal tube railing were taken down to the bare metal, primed and painted with a durable paint designed for exterior galvanized metal surfaces.

The deck surfaces and the concrete stairs were power washed.

The Result

The homeowner was pleased with how inviting the area now looks and relayed her approval to the HOA board of Directors.

The HOA decided to contract McKowski’s for 144 hours per month to maintain the property on an ongoing basis.

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