published on Aug 20, 2014

Residential Artificial Turf Installation


Artificial Turf Installation for Residential Client.

The Challenge

Increased water bills, non functioning irrigation system, drought alerts and water restrictions left John with a dilemma. How does he maintain a nice yard for his grand kids and family to enjoy while complying with the new water restrictions. Area consisted of 1200 square feet existing turf, failing in most areas due to inadequate irrigation and another 600 square feet of planter area.

Our Solution

Remove existing turf, irrigation, electrical lines, planter borders, palm trees and stumps and create a wholesome area for entertaining.

Project Details

All turf was removed in addition to 3 inches of native material to allow for installation of class base, necessary prior to installing artificial turf. Re-locate all electrical lines and rough in irrigation to supply new planter area with a efficient drip system for the new plants. Install new 6 inch mow strip to separate the planter area from the artificial turf area and create a definitive border between the two areas. Install new concrete pad for shed entrance and along rear for storage, install footing for swim suite drying rack and flush mount up light for fountain, install new pad for fountain. Install new drip system and plant new drought tolerant plants, top dress planters with 2-4 inch cobble for aesthetics. Install landscape lighting and new artificial turf. The result a beautiful maintenance free and water efficient area that will provide years of enjoyment for his family to enjoy. There was an additional bonus in that SoCal Water smart programs are available for rebates to qualifying participants, John will be getting back $2.00 per square foot for his water conservation efforts, not to mention reduced water bill’s immediately by eliminating the need to water the old turf area. Another satisfied McKowski’s customer!

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