published on Jul 07, 2014

Residential Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom remodeling for residential client.

The Challenge

Customer wanted to convert their old bathroom with tub and toilet behind a partition wall with door to an open concept bathroom with a large walk in shower.

Our Solution

Demolition all existing pony walls, removed all existing floor tiles, wallpaper, tiles and drywall to studs.

Project Details

Job involved moving sanitary plumbing lines, installing new shower mixer, moving plumbing supply lines to accommodate new configuration. It was also necessary to move the electrical switches located on wall and HVAC vents located in pony wall.

The job also included the removal of wallpaper, existing floor tiles and tying in all walls and texturing to match existing construction for a seamless transition.

The job also required the installation of new electrical service to wall switches and relocated HVAC duct work to the ceiling for a smooth seamless transition to tie in new construction to the old wall areas. Reconfigured plumbing to accommodate shower pan, plumbing supply lines and sanitary lines necessary for the relocation of toilet and shower pan. Installation of new curb and shower pan, new green board, Dura Rock and porcelain tiles for walls and floor areas, new vanity, new fixtures. Accomplished modern open concept bathroom exactly what the customer had hoped for. The result elated the customer so much, that they wanted to submit to Better Homes and Gardens for publication.

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