published on Feb 28, 2024

Water Intrusion in Mira Mesa, CA

The Problem

A property in Mira Mesa reported they had water intrusion from the exterior front door upper landing into the garage below.

The lower staircase had dry rot in the ledger boards that supported the concrete steps and they were becoming unsafe.

The Solution

The HOA called McKowski’s and a bid to repair was provided.

McKowski’s replaced the metal L-flashing and deck coating on the upper landing and upper staircase.

All the siding was removed, and the water barrier replaced, and then new siding was installed.

On the lower staircase, McKowski’s removed and replaced the old ledger boards, and installed all new concrete steps.

The Result

The upper unit resident is happy and has a beautiful non-skid entry landing and stairs, and a new lower staircase you can feel safe walking down.

The garage owner is relieved the water is staying on the outside where it belongs.

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