published on Jul 07, 2022

Concrete Patio restoration in Rancho San Diego

The Challenge

The concrete patio floor was cracked and lifted due to tree roots under the slab.

The patio stucco wall framing rotted out and the wall collapsed.

Our Solution

McKowski’s completely demoed the wall and concrete patio floor.

Removed the roots and poured a new concrete floor.

Installed new heavy-duty post brackets.

Installed new posts and all-new framing.

We added a 4” x 6” beam at the bottom of the wall rather than the 2” x 4” it originally had to prevent the wall from collapsing over time.

Installed building paper, stucco wire, and weep screeds.

Installed stucco, and then textured, and painted to match.


The resident has a nice new inviting patio for the summer cook out, or just relaxing outdoors.

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