published on Jan 30, 2024

Perimeter Wall Replacement in Santee, CA

The Problem

One of McKowski’s monthly contracted maintenance accounts in Santee California requested a bid to repair a 35-foot stucco wall.

A driver turning left coming towards the property, went wide over the corner curb and landscape and hit the wall knocking it over.

The Solution

McKowski’s demoed the wall, set new steel posts, and built a new wood frame.

The wall was set 4” off the soil, and weep screeds installed. The building paper, stucco wire, and stucco were applied and painted to match the existing wall.

McKowski’s installed an all-new brick top cap to match the existing wall cap perfectly.

The Result

The replacement wall matches perfectly, and if you did not see it down, you would never know it was damaged.

Another satisfied customer!

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