published on Mar 14, 2014

Del Mar Law Group, LLP


Del Mar Law Group, LLP has a wealth of experience in complex commercial litigation, often encompassing multiple related lawsuits involving numerous plaintiffs and defendants, class actions and multi-district litigation.

The Challenge

Moving DMLG location to a new office area. We had to custom-build an empty suite to meet their office needs in 6 weeks.

Our Solution

  • Install Kitchen
  • Run new Plumbing
  • Install all new Walls, Partitions and Floors
  • Install custom glass partition for conference room
  • Match wood caps on partition walls to new glass doors
  • Run new electrical and data lines
  • Run new HVAC & Installed new electrical step down transformer
  • Completed job 1 week early and under budget

Project Details

When we were approached by DMLG they made it clear that a key requirement of this project was to be able to move into a fully functioning space office in 6 weeks. We had done smaller projects for them in the past and they felt comfortable knowing we always deliver. The new location was an empty shell what made us a perfect candidate due to the fact that our team’s comprehensive skill set includes everything from floor to ceiling.

We were able to deliver the finished project 1 week early and under budget. Needless to say DMLG was extremely satisfied with the results.

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