published on Nov 01, 2016

Pavers Project


Complete residential back and front yard remodel in San Diego.

The Challenge

Hard clay soil and 2 old layers of concrete made excavation difficult.

Our Solution

Entire terrain was leveled of, decomposed granite was brought in, proper drainage was installed, and pavers were put on to specified pattern. Stucco was also repaired in the house and new fences was installed. Project was successfully completed on time and on budget.

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Other Projects

Beam Replacement

McKowski’s was tasked with replacing the lower roofline support beams over two patios and entryways due to dry rot damage.

Pool Area Door Replacements

McKowski’s replaced the old restroom door with a new pre-hung metal exterior grade door and adjusted the closer.

Emergency driveway replacement in Del Sur

The HOA reported the exit driveway pavers had lifted and were causing a trip hazard.