published on Jan 25, 2024

Water Intrusion in Rancho San Diego, CA

The Problem

A condo in Rancho San Diego was having water intrusion throughout the unit exterior wall, 65 lineal feet.

The association asked McKowski’s to investigate and provide a proposal to repair.

It was discovered the sprinklers were too close to the building and soaked the stucco every time they came on.

The constant water rotted out the weep screed flashings and the vines grew up into the wall destroying the water barrier.

The Solution

McKowski’s removed the old stucco, building paper, and rotten flashings. We then installed a roll-on water barrier on the footing, installed new weep screeds, building paper, wire mesh, stucco and textured to match.

Once the stucco was dried it was painted to match the existing. (The paint is still wet in the photo. It dried evenly.)

The Result

McKowski’s kept the water on the outside where it belongs, and the residents are happy and dry.

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