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published on Aug 21, 2015

Concrete Work For a Real Estate Firm in San Diego


The job was done for a real estate broker licensed in Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee.  The agents associated with this firm represent many different clients.

The Challenge

Water was pulling in the patio area, not enough seating areas for the coffee shop and deli customers. The existing sidewalk had to be demolished and irrigation system lines had to be relocated and drains had to be installed.

Our Solution

We installed 3,000 sq feet of exposed aggregate to accommodate picnic benches and tables for client use. The result was no pulling water and a lovely space for customers to enjoy their meals and sip their coffee. It was an end-use commercial facility and work had to be completed in 2 weeks. It goes without saying we met the timeline… another satisfied Mckowski’s customer!

Other Projects

Waterproof Retention Wall

A client’s property has a hill on one of its sides which was pouring soil into the neighbors backyards and causing damage to their properties.

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Residential Landscaping

City streets have mow strips that require a lot of water and most of it ends up on the sidewalk. Great way to save water! Installing Concrete Interlocking Pavers in a 2 day period.