published on Dec 13, 2023

HOA’s Monument Wall Rebuild in Mission Valley

The Problem

During the recent Holiday weekend, a driver missed the driveway and hit one of the property’s monument walls completely destroying it.

The HOA’s property management in Mission Valley called McKowski’s for a proposal to repair. The proposal was awarded to McKowski’s.

The Solution

McKowski’s removed all the debris and demoed the pillar down to the footings.

The concrete footing was damaged, so we replaced it with a new concrete footing and new anchor bolts.

The wall and pillar were framed in, and the new flashings and water barrier were installed.

A new galvanized tapered top cap was custom-made for the pillar for better water runoff.

A redwood top cap was installed on the lower wall.

New wiring was installed for the light.

Stucco was applied and textured to match the original. The paint was color-matched perfectly.

The HOA requested another proposal to replace the monument wall on the opposite side of the driveway.

The Result

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