published on Apr 21, 2015

Landscape Remodeling Project in San Diego


This project required the removal of 976 linear feet of  California round panels. That is approximately 122 panels.  Remove all 8-foot poles.

Set all new post then weld new panels 2” off the ground to prevent corrosion.

The Challenge

The old post were set in 3 feet of concrete and all intertwined with all the landscaping lines.

The biggest challenge was this was a pool area and would have to remove and place all the poles in one day.

The entire project took 6 employees about 3 weeks to complete.

Our Solution

  • Repair PVC piping to prevent underground leaks that would corrode new post.
  • The use of a special rust inhibitor on all post and panels.
  • Paint the panels with oil based paint for maximum durability.
  • We staged and did all the project in 10 stages to keep children safe and no one sneaking in the pool at night.

Project Details

Develop and submit plans for H.O.A. approval. Plans included creating a park-like atmosphere with a built-in barbecue, fire pit, seating area and lawn for the new addition to the family to plan on. The job involved cutting back slope 12 feet to increase the area for turf and install country manor retaining wall. Install drains to front curb area to take away run off. Install new irrigation for turf, shrub installation, a new gas line for built-in barbecue and fire pit. Install new paver patio area, with seating area around the fire pit for gathering and entertaining. Install new concrete pad front of the yard for the sunning area. Install stepping stone walkway to access the patio from the entrance gate. Installed new wrought iron entry gate. Install planter bed area to separate turf from the building and add color as well as aesthetics to the design concept. The job came in on-time and on-budget, another satisfied McKowski’s customer.

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